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Welcome to Cenco Yudanshakai!

CENCO (Central Coast Judo Association) is a USJF affliated yudanshakai with 25 member clubs. We are dedicated to development of our clubs, instructors, coaches, judoka, and various affiliated members. CENCO preserves the integrity of judo, contributes to its members personal growth, and promotes the development of judo in the United States through tournaments, clinics, and demonstrations.


  • SJSU Junior Development Camp Cancelled
  • Bojuka Ryu Tournament moved from October to August - see the Calendar

Coaching Resources

Promotional Exam

Next Exam: Saturday, November 19th, 2016
Paperwork Deadline: Friday, October 14th, 2016

For more information on the requirements, please visit the promotion program page.

**2014 IJF Rule Changes**

2014 IJF Referee Rules Update as approved by USA JUDO for implementation in the United States.
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CENCO CENCO is a USJF Yudanshakai (Black Belt Association)


USJF Lifetime Membership

Help support the United States Judo Federation through your Life Membership. All Life Membership fees are deposited into the USJF Endowment Trust Fund; the proceeds of which, are directly channeled to USJF development programs.

Benefits Include:
  1. Free Admission to the USJF Jr. Nationals
  2. Non-insurance portion of USJF annual membership waived
  3. Receive special Life Member card & lapel pin
  4. All USJF promotion fees are waived (some yudanshakai may waive their fee also)
  5. Reduction in time-in-grade requirement for promotion

Lifetime Membership Application